The countdown for the exorcism of Eric Holder has begun. Expectations of Obama appointing a new Attorney General in the coming lame duck session has garnered some heavy negative feedback. Warnings have come from Angus King of Maine and Wyoming Senator Barrasso to that effect. But lets be clear here. The greatest threat to our freedoms is Holder’s take on the voting rights bill. To Holder, there is a racist wearing a white pointed hat in every voting district.

300,000 illegals signing up for Obamacare is a case in point. Those sign-ups did not produce the required documents on time and were deemed ineligible. Leverage that with Holder’s voter free card and America understands what Holder’s ultimate objective is; to eliminate Whitey from holding any office across the land.

Between elections there are 1460 days, certainly that is ample time to obtain a photo ID. But Holder finds it burdensome to do such a simple task. Not realizing that most citizens who intend to vote already have a government issued ID of some form or another. This is not acceptable to him. Election day sign-ups should not have to produce any form of ID let alone a photo ID. That is where the problem lies. And the canary in the coal mine is Holder’s attempt to use the poor as an example. They don’t have the means to get an ID, a birth certificate, a state issued ID card is the excuse. Of course this is another one of Holder’s canards.

Instead of upholding and enforcing the law Holder is condoning those who break it. How many times now has Holder spit in the face of the Supreme Court and lower courts that have issued decisions not to his liking?  Eric Holder, you are guilty as charged.

As the influx of illegals continues, the outflow of money from citizens pockets escalates.

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