Speech is free only if you are a liberal progressive says Sol Stern.  On many college campuses the (click for the Stern’s opinion published in the WSJ) 2nd Amendment does not apply to those who seek the truth. As the majority of Americans  know that the definition of a liberal is one who forces their agenda on the rest of us.

That is not the true definition of a liberal when our freedom is abrogated.  Freedom to discuss differences between individuals is suppressed by liberal progressives when the facts don’t support the progressive autocratic agenda.  One example stands out; wearing a T shirt with the Old Glory printed on it is strictly forbidden in some schools because it might insult illegal aliens. This was affirmed by the wacko 9th Circuit Court in California.

The trouble dates back to May 5th 2010 (Cinco de Mayo) when officials at Live Oak High -a school with a predominant Mexican-American student body — forced the students to remove their American flag-festooned shirts. Administrators called the shirts “incendiary” and worried that fighting would break out between white and Latino students if Latino students noticed the shirts. So, assistant principal Miguel Rodriguez told the students to turn their shirts inside out or leave school. 

Think for a moment, a large percentage of Caucasian Americans party of May 5th in celebration. This holiday is but a trifle on the Mexican calendar, hardly celebrated or remembered by most Mexicans.

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