If you don’t vote don’t complain about the state of America. Because if you don’t vote you don’t count. Make your contribution to America. Voting is a privilege that citizens in other countries would give their eye teeth for. So next Tuesday, exercise the power of the vote by giving the progressive liberal team of Barack Hussein Obama and Charles Schumer and Harry Reid the “heave ho.” We can do it, you can do it. “TAKE AMERICA BACK”.

To many “take America back” means back to the days of Jim Crow, but that is a distortion and political lie. We want to take America back from the socialist fiends that have infiltrated our institutions. Do not forget for a single moment what Lois Lerner did, what Obama did, what Holder did, what Clinton did. They committed crimes against the people and it is our turn to bring them to justice on Tuesday, November 4th.


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