Thirty years in the making, but finally the stampede has reached crisis proportions. If it keeps up, which we have no doubt it will, those that are left will be trampled to death. We are talking about the outflow of citizens from the northeast states including New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  What brings us to this conclusion is history.

To get the picture one only has to look at Italy and Spain, both countries are on the brink of splitsville. Spain’s Catalonia region and Italy’s north are talking secession. They see themselves as patsies to the country’s moochers who suck the life blood out of the industrious and wealthier regions. So the entrepreneurs, the motivated, the believers in freedom and self reliance have no choice but to leave the prison of liberalism where the bye word is “share the wealth.”

Three decades in the making have resulted in a loss of representation of 60 House members only to be picked up by the New South where workers matter more than couch potatoes. Yes many of those who are fleeing are former liberals hell bent on not seeing a socialist progressive again for the rest of their life.

No need to expand on the details of what makes a liberal, but America knows one when they see one.  Listening to their arguments can cause a severe migraine. Liberals, more often than not, modify the truth, lie to make their claim whatever the case may be. Liberals always find a cause that needs their help; that’s their problem; because helping a moocher has an opposite and equal effect which is to forc everyone else to pay.

Liberals will never admit the fallacy of their arguments (global warming). Liberals are class warfare piranhas; vultures of the worst human kind, ready at an instant to jump into a situation where they have no fight . Rabble-rousing flame throwers are they, violently ready at an instant to pluck the guilty from the jaws of justice. November 4 is a month away, hopefully our Thanksgiving prayers will be answered with a Democrat being served up like the traditional turkey, DOA.



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