To the Sons and Daughters of Liberty of today, “ we have seen the whites of their eyes, today is the time to raise our guns and fire our weapons, unload the chamber on the perpetrators of evil, VOTE OUT THE DEVILS OF TYRANNY once and for all.”

No matter what they say, the Democrats are liars, rapists of America and foreign agents; vermin that needs to be excreted from the earth. Every action the Obama water carriers have taken in the past six years has been a detriment to Freedom, Liberty and Justice, a destructive force like no other.

From day one of his administration Obama set sail on a course of destruction; “God Dam America” was indelibly etched into Obama’s mindset by Reverend Wright. Obama’s cadre of radicals, such as Bill Ayers became not only mentors, but they offered road maps, for instance Cloward and Piven, on how to bring our country to its knees. So far he has done a good job, the only thing he has accomplished in six years. But now it is our chance to Fire the policies of socialism, obstructionism and tyranny and reverse the damage that has been done.

Vote Patriots, this may be the last chance to save our country from the foreign devils that are so intent on imploding our way of life. They have desecrated the Constitution, our flag long enough, now is payback time. Vote out the criminals. 

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