Tuesday’s election was best characterized as a Republican tsunami, destroying most Democrats in its wake. Some were able to dodge the white caps, but overall Republican governors were elected in major upsets emerging under conservative mandates. However, there were states where Democrats dodged the proverbial bullet; for instance Connecticut. Known as the Constitution State, but for many citizens, the new state moniker is the “Welfare State.”govmalloy

Connecticut, once the envy of all, where high salaries, booming industry and good quality of life was predominant; no more, voters handed the Democrat Governor a ticket to govern for four more years.  Even Illinois, Obama’s home state saw the light – they handed the reins to a Republican. Connecticut and Illinois are similar to the effect that both are dead broke. Expect the Blue states to drink more of the cool aide, but the hand writing is on the wall; they will see the error of their ways, but not admit that Keynesian economics was a more of a mirage than reality. Dead broke is not a good thing.

??????????????????????????????? Tom Foley has ended his political career, defeated twice by Govenor Malloy.

From Charles Krauthammer in discussing the Obama drubbing.

The race I liked the most was the one in Maryland, where I live, where the Lt. Governor Anthony Brown was considered such a shoe-in, no one spoke about the Maryland race. No one. You didn’t hear a word, and the Republican, Larry Hogan, came out of nowhere. He won by 8 points. This tells you — the reason I like it, it shows the extent of this political event into the bluest of the blue, Maryland. It wasn’t a tea leaf election. It was a nuclear explosion.

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