One by one until there are no more; true to its word the Christian populations in the Middle East is a mirage. Islam cannot coexist with Christianity or for that matter Judaism. The world is seeing an influx of Muslims into Christian nations, they are the Trojan Horse of today, content on living with the enemy until they overwhelm them.  A stealth plan that will take a generation or two, but will succeed if not halted by the West.

Do you find any Christians from western nations immigrating to Muslim countries? No, because they know instant death awaits them.  However, Muslims secret plan is to overwhelm western nations taking advantage of them with lawsuits protecting their rights, coerce Christians, befriend them until the message of Allah says “kill the infidels.”  Until every Christian realizes that their life is at stake the Muslim invasion will continue. Realize that the Koran is not a holy book but a plan to put in place Islamic hegemony over the infidels. The Koran are orders set down by Allah to kill, murder and inslave those who do not accept him.



Now stoning’s back, along with martyrdom, but we look away.  We refuse to see martyrs among the Middle East’s Christians. Politically correct toward Islam, while scoffing at Christianity and Judaism, we’ve abandoned the concept of martyrdom to our enemies, to devils in human form who, far from being martyrs, are murderers drenched in the blood of countless innocents.  Infernal organizations, such as the Islamic State, Al Qaeda, the Taliban and others, don’t produce “martyrs.”  They create them.

We have watched in near-silence as Christians and other minorities have been evicted from ancient homes and exterminated in a Biblical landscape. As churches shot flames heavenward, we explained away our enemies’ fanaticism and even blamed ourselves for his atrocities.  As two millennia of Christian culture in the Middle East suffered the greatest catastrophe in the faith’s entire history, we invented legal rights for blood-soaked barbarians.

Anyone who has watched from afar as this catastrophe has developed across the Mid East has seen the 21st Holocaust in the making; but yet the Christians still turn the other cheek when in fact they must exercise their God given right to defend themselves against these murders.

Our entertainers laud their own “courage” for mocking Christians and Jews, but dare not make one joke about Islam. Our leaders care not a jot for the fate of the Christian civilization of the east—which dominated the faith’s first thousand years.  We refuse even to name the enemy honestly.

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