What is happening in France is a prelude to the future confrontation in the United States. Allowing a few million Muslims into a Democratic country turned out to be a disaster. They never wanted to be integrated as some suggest but these North African invaders desired to import their culture from the devastated lands they left. This has led to a clash of civilizations, one medieval the other modern. France, the liberal institution, has no one to blame but the progressive, say QUI to all things liberal, are now facing the proverbial rock and hard place. The United States will be there in the not too distant future. with Obama in the White House the risk grows deeper.  Progressives do not learn from their mistakes nor are they willing to learn what is transpiring in their very midst; their myopic vision prevents them from seeing the forest from the trees. The enemy from within, Obama and his cadre of Muslim advisers will see to it.

The view from France finds that most European countries are in the same boat; the guest (Muslim) is forcing the host (France) to heel to their knees, forcing them to accept a violent religion (not a religion at all but a subversive political agenda). Obviously this will lead to a civil war. One might say that they brought this upon themselves due to their Eros -anything goes- philosophy. However, things have gotten out of hand, orgies aside, To extricate the Muslim threat many Europeans see fighting taking place block by block, a Mozul or Sadar City type guerrilla warfare. The events in France this past week are a sign of bigger and explosive things to come. We wonder what kind of weapons these Jihadists harbor.

With 5 million Muslims in France, venom flowing from the mouths of their Imams, sleeper cells on call 24/7, look for more al-Qaeda soldiers to take revenge on innocents. There is no middle ground for the Islamist; it is kill or be killed. The Muslims of France did not want integration, they came to destroy the civilization they encountered, to spread the word of Allah. These immigrants were attracted by the liberal welfare systems that pervades Europe, free handouts including housing was the invitation to produce more babies, work was not required. These no-go zones or ZUS’s are off limits to the French gendarmes.  There these Islamist breeders hatch their future mission and targets, timetables known only to the top commanders; moles executed with dispatch. And reactions come from the political elite, NONE. They are afraid to criticize the Frankenstein in their midst.

Muslim ghetto dwellers always tout the same line, “the Jews are the problem.” This is expected. They have learned from the Germans. Don’t forget that the Arabs supported the Germans in WWII; they felt that the more Jews killed,  less would make their way to Israel. But the question always arises, why do these French immigrants from Morocco and Algeria have a gripe against Israel?  Of course this is a non-sequitir.  Because the Jews make an easy target, they become the scapegoat. Of the world population of 8 billion there are 2 billion Muslims, but only 14 million Jews; 150 to 1. Its always the Jews because the Muslims don’t want to blame their self for it is them who have failed to embrace the 20th Century. Their story is long in the teeth, right wing Nationalist parties are emerging, they see the threat physically and culturally and want none of it.  Western nations , including Holland, do not see a place for the Muslims in their countries.

As the Charlie Hedbo killings manifest, the Islamist jackal is everywhere warning the infidel non-believers that they are next. Politically correct politicians are our enemy as well for their failure to condone the Jihad movement. We have not seen the last of it. Believe us when we tell you. Bottom line: Islam is absolutely incompatible with western democracy and civilization. Muslim immigration to all western countries should be immediately banned.

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