For eight long years, well it feels like eight, the Democrats have thrown in with a “threat to America.” In 2016 Americans can make a change for the better, but in between there will be two years of war. Obama is taking his last breath and in doing so will do everything in his power to destroy what he hasn’t so far. The question then will be, are there any Democrats willing to break rank? If none, then law abiding patriotic Americans of all stripes will take matters into there own hands.

Not long ago Americans gave Obama a chance and that chance turned into the mother of all mistakes. a devastation to the United States; proof being the turn in 2010 and 2014 take over by the Republicans of Congress.  Obama has not recognized the changing circumstances, he has not acknowledged the checks and balances written into the Constitution, the one to stop “ONE MAN DICTORIAL RULE.”

Ruthless as Obama has been so far expect more alarming executive orgers in the coming days. Iran for instance will be on everyone’s radar screen. Thus far, Obama and Kerry have been towing the Iranian line. Why? We can only guess but the writing is on the wall – Obama has Muslim Blood running through his veins. All eyes will be on the speech Prime Minister of Israel will give when addressing both houses of Congress. Not that they don’t know what is going on – the speech is not for them, but for the American people to hear. They will understand that stopping Iran now will prevent a nuclear war tomorrow.

Obama so far has done all he can to get Iran’s nuclear program into high gear because he knows if any sanctions were instituted the main ingredients will have been procured before hand. The Sunni street, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the Emirates are not shouting “Allahu Akbar” at the top of their lungs cheering Iran on, for they know Iran will soon target them. A Shiite-Sunni armageddon is possible. So the bottom line is this, the Democrats that don’t show up on March 3rd are in the pockets of Obama and the Mullahs.  We will know then who are enemy is.

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