Who will be the first to step forward? Don’t count on Hillary to answer the phone at 3 a.m. – she is history; a do nothing Secretary of State – sold us out.  The United States is looking afar for that one person to step into the void. Words coming out of Obama’s mouth are bewildering; Americans of all stripes are very much wondering what has driven Obama to throw in with the Muslims. Democrats who do not break from the pack are just as guilty of selling out America. Don’t be surprised if a Mosque is built on the “south lawn.”

Obama was behind the over throw of Mubarak of Egypt paving the way for his Muslim Brother Morsi to ascend to the Presidency. But a majority of Egyptians were not pleased with Morsi’s iron handed rule. The people rose up fearing for their freedoms; there was an under current brewing leaving no choice for the military to step in. And so General Abdul al-Sisi took needed an immediate action, jailing the Muslim Brotherhood criminals. This coup infuriated Obama; immediately aid was curtailed and defensive weapon shipments halted. Al-Sisi was guilty of a military overthrow said the anointed one – Morsi was democratically elected.

General Al-Sisi has risen to the occasion, countering the Islamist threat in Libya and the Sinai. Obama does not praise him, but dismisses the General as a dictator; what then does that make Obama – seems to us he is Dictator in chief. As life goes on and the more it does the more we hear of the new urgency to give jobs to the Muslims – with jobs Obama and Kerry theorize the Muslim terrorists will be too busy making money that suicide bombing people will be the last thing on their mind. “The check is in the mail on this one.”  But when it is all said and done, history will not be kind to Obama, cut and run is his philosophy; and so he does from one fight after another.


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