Obama’s veto of the 40,000 job Keystone XL pipeline bill gives the Republicans a chance in 2016 to win back the Reagan Democrats. To do this they must tread softly, but carry a big stick in explaining how their philosophy is in line with labor. Under Obama the labor movement (union run)  has reverted to a crawl; state after state has slammed public unions. In fact Wisconsin started the ball rolling – its Governor, Scott Walker,  is now mounting a campaign for the Presidency in 2016.

The Democrat bashing of the Republican free market laissez faire agenda is the only card they have; kill the messenger is their universal game plan ( the Saul Alinsky approach), spew unsupportable allegations blasting anyone and everyone who dares challenge you. However that is wearing thin for the country knows that the Republican agenda is a growth agenda, the Democrat agenda is a socialist agenda; for American’s know that it is better to have a job, union or not, than be on the dole?