As in the iconic film “Chinatown” the environmentalists of today are discharging millions of gallons of water into San Francisco Bay in an accommodation to the Greens. Additionally, the farmers are swallowing water like there is no tomorrow. Governor Browns explains this by insinuating that if water use is curtailed to the corporate farm our food bill will take a significant hit.

However, Governor Moon Beam has a very slim understanding of the power of economics; substitution will overcome any price rises; by the way who needs a $5 head of lettuce? And we may add that under today’s allocation of water resources 600 gallons of water are needed to produce a pound of almonds – California produces 90% of the worlds almonds and its millionaire farmers make $5,000 per acre. In a “nutshell” the rich are getting richer at the expense of families who have little to drink other than the tears flowing from their eyes.

Desalination plants are the answer to the current drought, but with Green lobbyists roaming the streets of the state, new plants are seen as a distant mirage. And we may add in closing, from the last we heard California has been a desert environment for millions of years so what is the big deal.

A gerbil once known simply as “desert rats” are adapted to arid habitats. As is often the case when man tries to overcome a harsh environment unintended consequences occur; for example the current thirst for water by many different stake holders,  each with a different thirst. We will drink to that.

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