Depends on what the meaning of “is is.” “I never had sex with that women.” “I deleted only my personal emails.” “Under penalty of law our tax returns are correct.” “I believe that lesbians and gays can marry.” And we can go on and on. But the latest upheaval is the Quid Pro Quo donations to the Clinton Foundation in return for securing uranium rights by the Russians.

This is a cloak and dagger affair which included the “usual suspects.” This has put America at risk because the Russians control 50% of America’s uranium supply; but for a $31,000,000 donation and a pledge for another $100,000,000, security was the last thing the Clinton’s thought of.

Oh we forgot to mention that Clinton said he never met with Frank Giustra, a Canadian, who made his wealth by betting on the resources extracted from the bowels of the earth.  Despite denials by the Clinton brain trust that Frank Giustra never met Slippery Bill at their bomb shelter in Chappaqua the facts proved otherwise.CHAPPAQUAlies Clinton’s modus operandi will not change once Hillary mounts the thrown. Because the difference between lies and the truth is only what you can get away with. And the Clinton’s certainly have taken advantage, with the help of the lame stream media, to lie their way into positions of power.

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