OBAMA has done it again. Not only did he have a ceremony celebrating the deserting Muslim extremist  (exchanged for five Jihadists) lovers parents, the Bergdahls, he has gone one better by paying for the scum of humanity, the Boston Marathon killer’s parents to attend Tsarnaev the younger’s Boston trial.

Click here for a bird’e eye view of the excrement mother’s bellicose tirade at America.

Our money, your money is paying for the accommodations at $200 per night plus security; in total the bill is estimated at $100,000.  Obama AUTHORIZED this.

Every American is outraged; this is beyond the pale, an outright insult.  Obama has thrown American Patriots under the bus. Not only did this horrible mass murder occur on Patriots day during the Boston Marathon the home of the American Revolution, it occurred because Obama’s administration did not follow up on previous intelligence provided by Russia warning that the brothers were extreme Islamists.

Iranian negotiations are ongoing supposedly wrapping up by the end of June 2015. We had to insert the 2015 because when they say June, is it 2015, 16 or 20120. Remember they have been negotiating for nine years. However, and we are not the first to bring this to your attention, the Chief negotiator for the Iranians is John Kerry who takes his orders directly from our first Muslim President, Barack Hussein Obama who takes his orders from Iran’s Ayatollah. To do things right Obama should have the signing on July 4 (hey why not wait for four extra days); the Rose Garden is recommended for its sublime environment.  And at the same time the Israelis should light up the skies over Iran like never before.

Obama is guilty as charged for providing support to America’s enemies. His Jihad against the greatest nation on the face of the earth continues.

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