When the going got tough President Barack Hussein Obama ran from his obligation and sacred oath, that is to serve and protect the United States from all enemies, domestic and foreign. The voting public has installed a foreign agent into the most powerful position in the world. All Democrats who have kneeled at the feet of the self anointed high priest are also guilty of selling out America.  This is called treason by any other name. A liberal poison flows through their veins which severely affected their thinking.

Who in their right mind would believe that a Democrat of the Jewish persuasion would go all in on Obama’s plan to destroy Israel. But Jewish voters are now beginning to wonder if they have made a bargain with the devil.  There is no question that Israel has been left out in the cold by Obama and his bride to be Hillary. Israel’s savior is the Republican stalwarts who are of right mind and exceptional thinking.

The Iran deal in the making will be equivalent to “D Day” in Tehran; rejoicing for the defeat of the great Satan. Exotic belly dancers rattling the traditional zills as they swerve, undulate and gyrate their  bodies to the music of victory. Mullahs toasting the defeat of Satan while their concubines perform the exotic dance for their masters. Iran has taken the cue from North Korea and Russia; that is, sign a deal, but by no means follow it, for they know that the United States will back down when it comes to enforcement. Even the Washington Post in an article by Henry Kissinger and George Schultz has alluded to the difficulty in inspection of sites unknown.

Bottom line, Obama has not honored his oath, but RAN when the going got tough.


Stopping the “beyond the law” Obama onslaught on the Constitution is out of the question. The transition to socialism was built into Obama’s DNA long before he mounted the throne. Born to avid socialists, Obama has carried the torch of destruction throughout the world. Now, not surprisingly, he has exchanged spit with the brother of Fidel Castro. Not to be outdone by this catering to the Iranian mullahs, Obama has lifted the curtain on his morbid vision as he attempts to rewrite and redo America’s role in the world. Remember “American Exceptionalism” is a myth.

There is no stopping this maniacs runaway train, not even Congress can prevent it from the havoc it will wreck;, their timidity is manifested in limping responses in defending the Constitution against the White House zealot. The Constitution is being shredded like a log in a chipper. A bleak future awaits us as the hegemony of China steps in to fill the void. Not even Mother Russia has enough left in their eggs to mount any serious threat. Challenging China is out of the question, their defensive capability is on the rise, a challenge in the Pacific is a non-starter. Lip service, an Obama trait, honed through mentoring of Frank Marshall Davis is the new trash talk.

The world is in anarchy, one country at war feasting on the weakest link. A mano a mano enterprise fight to the death. A geography puzzle free for all with the winner take all. Soon the nuclear equation will be tested; this will bring today’s armageddon, a recipe Obama has cooked up and ready to serve.


As in the iconic film “Chinatown” the environmentalists of today are discharging millions of gallons of water into San Francisco Bay in an accommodation to the Greens. Additionally, the farmers are swallowing water like there is no tomorrow. Governor Browns explains this by insinuating that if water use is curtailed to the corporate farm our food bill will take a significant hit.

However, Governor Moon Beam has a very slim understanding of the power of economics; substitution will overcome any price rises; by the way who needs a $5 head of lettuce? And we may add that under today’s allocation of water resources 600 gallons of water are needed to produce a pound of almonds – California produces 90% of the worlds almonds and its millionaire farmers make $5,000 per acre. In a “nutshell” the rich are getting richer at the expense of families who have little to drink other than the tears flowing from their eyes.

Desalination plants are the answer to the current drought, but with Green lobbyists roaming the streets of the state, new plants are seen as a distant mirage. And we may add in closing, from the last we heard California has been a desert environment for millions of years so what is the big deal.

A gerbil once known simply as “desert rats” are adapted to arid habitats. As is often the case when man tries to overcome a harsh environment unintended consequences occur; for example the current thirst for water by many different stake holders,  each with a different thirst. We will drink to that.


Christians in the Middle East are the latest entry on the endangered species list. The fault lay at the hands of the Muslim zealots who are intent on “Christianrein“.  One Muslim entity after another have threatened, raped, pillaged, killed and murdered their Christian neighbors causing them to flee with only the shirts on their back.

Without exception the Christian community has done nothing to defend themselves. On this Easter Sunday, one where more Christian blood has been shed in the past fifteen hundred years, we find the Pope praying instead of ordering the Christians to mount a campaign to defend their faith; A Christian phalanx in the hundreds of thousands can erase this existential threat.  An “eye for an eye” is the only solution.

On Good Friday, Francis chastised the international community for what he called the complicit silence about the killing of Christians. On Easter he prayed that God would alleviate `’the suffering of so many of our brothers persecuted because of his name.” No doubt the Pope is a good man, but praying will not solve the mass murder of Christians who barely have the means to defend themselves. Words alone will not protect the faithful, only guns can save them.

Little by little, one by one, the Middle East Christian communities are being erased from the face of the earth. Only in Israel will the Christians be protected from Islamic killers where they are free to practice their religion. Watching from afar the Christians in the United States are beside themselves as no one will step forward to take up arms against those who shout, “allahu akbar. ”

Happy Easter


From the Bell Curve, “Predicting the course of society is chancy, but certain tendencies seem strong enough to worry about:

  • An increasingly isolated cognitive elite.
  • A merging of the cognitive elite with the affluent.
  • A deteriorating quality of life for people at the bottom end of the cognitive distribution.

Unchecked, these trends will lead the U.S. toward something resembling a caste society, with the underclass mired ever more firmly at the bottom and the cognitive elite ever more firmly anchored at the top, restructuring the rules of society so that it becomes harder and harder for them to lose. (p. 509). ”

CLICK HERE for more from Pat Buchanan concerning the meritocracy elite.


In a 1994 obituary, The New York Times wrote that Herrnstein, though he “was often harassed … and his classes at Harvard weredisrupted,” never recanted his heresy. He wrote “I.Q. and Meritocracy” in 1973, and in 1994 co-authored with Charles Murraythe hugely controversial “The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life.



Obama does it again

The Muslim Marxist in the White Mosque continues, on a daily basis, to exceed our expectations. Just when you think he can’t get any more lawless, or corrupt, or incompetent, or traitorous, he does. But like he claims to be the case with American’s achievements, he doesn’t do it alone. He’s had massive assistance from the “mainstream” media, the Democrat Party, and to the disgust of patriotic Americans nationwide, the Republican Establishment.

In spite of it being so obvious that his “executive amnesty” scam is blatantly unconstitutional – and therefore blatantly illegal – so obvious that even a federal judge ruled against it and placed an injunction on it, Obama has continued to push through his scheme to overrun the country with semi-literate, unskilled, often violently criminal, illegal alien invaders who have no understanding of America, nor any loyalty to it. But Obama and his co-conspirators are all supremely confident that the invaders will vote Democrat, thus ensuring radical leftist rule in America in perpetuity.

And why wouldn’t the Democrats and the Chamber of Commerce Establishment Republicans be confident of this when a recent left-wing Pew Research Center study (http://www.breitbart.com/texas/2015/03/28/hold-think-tank-illegal-immigrant-males-more-likely-to-be-in-workforce-than-legal-immigrants-us-born-men/) shows illegals have stolen jobs to the point they are employed at a higher rate than native-born Americans or legal immigrants. This is on top of insanely huge welfare benefits, and preferential treatment in things like college tuition and, incredibly, accountability for their often violent criminal acts.

Beyond our non-existent borders, Obama has made things even worse. His meddling in the Middle East, in support of Islamic jihad, has created disaster after disaster for the dwindling number of secular, relatively civilized countries there. Driven by his egomaniacal, narcissistic belief that he is brilliant and infallible, Obama and his lackeys – Clinton (and her “special” assistant Huma Abedin) and Kerry and the leftist-dominated State Department, Muslim convert Brennan at the CIA, Iranian-born Valerie Jarrett, etc., etc., ad nauseam – have tried to install their Muslim Brotherhood allies in power, but instead, due to what is clearly a near total lack of understanding of Middle East politics, culture, and ironically, religion, have created chaos that borders on anarchy.

Their bungling is so bad that Obama’s self-proclaimed success against terrorists in Yemen resulted in jihadis overthrowing the government there. This in turn resulted in Saudi Arabia, a country that has almost always relied on surrogates to act militarily on its behalf, joining with other Arab states to form an Arab Army that will likely include Egypt, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait. Shiite and Sunni hatred for one another is almost as intense as Islam’s hatred of infidels – Jews, Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, and everyone else who is not Muslim. This has exacerbated the situation in the Middle East and has been, it seems, totally misread by the Muslim in the White Mosque and his cronies.

Terrorist-sponsoring Shiite Iran is being allowed to continue to develop its nuclear weapons, much to the dismay of Sunni Saudi Arabia. Sunni Saudi Arabia, who has financed terrorism on a huge scale (including, many believe 9/11 and Obama’s education and political career) now

wants nukes of their own. The Middle East, thanks to the “brilliance” and utter incompetence of Obama trying to play both ends against the middle is about to be the starting place of World War III.

This, of course, all ignores the state of the world economy and the fact that the dollar is in big trouble, as is, in spite of the lies of the Obama administration and their stooges in the media, the American economy. The mess, once again, is due to the total lack of understanding of economics by knee-jerk Marxist Obama and his knee-jerk Marxists associates. Collapse, sooner rather than later, is a real possibility.

Meanwhile, the Republicans, almost without exception, are doing nothing – repeat, nothing – to stop or even slow down our descent into a New Dark Age. Congress has over the past 30 years degenerated into a corrupt, toothless paper tiger, interested only in enriching its members at the expense of We, the People, and maintaining its position of power and privilege. There is hardly a member who is not in serious violation of their oath to protect and uphold the Constitution. Instead of actually dealing with the destruction of the separation of powers and the lawlessness of the Obama regime, Congress – and again, abetted by the “mainstream” media – is nearly 100 percent absorbed in an election that won’t happen for a year-and-a-half. In the meantime, the country and the world are going to hell, and We, the People, it seems, can only stand on the sidelines and watch, while the Obama’s loot the treasury to indulge themselves in multi-million dollar “vacations” and golf outings, rewarding themselves for the superlative job they are doing.