The city of Baltimore is undergoing a siege, not by ISIS, but by the criminals running the Justice Department. The mayor and Baltimore’s chief prosecutor have given the criminal element full reign over the city. They condone the violence by pouring more fuel on the fire (telling police to hold off) enabling it to reach critical mass.

Black deaths have been mounting, 40 as of May 29, with nothing in their way to stop the onslaught from continuing. However, we must point out that there is no concern for dead black people among the powers to be. Because Black deaths matter little when killed by Blacks. But to have a White kill an “innocent” Black, the rabble rouser race baiter types such as Sharpton turn away from such mayhem. For them these Black deaths are monuments to the inequity of their pitful lives. The more that die a violent death gives fodder for DeBlasios, Shaprtons, Obamas, Holders and Lynch’s.

But most Americans know the truth, the killings have nothing to do with what is wrong with America, they have a lot to do with what is wrong with the Black community who are subservient to the liberal agenda of keeping Blacks on the plantation.

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