The truth be told the greatest threat to America is Black on White crime provoked and incited by the Obama administration. When five hundred Chicago Blacks meet their maker we don’t hear a peep from the once Holder and now Lynch justice department. We will tell you why!  Black on Black crime must continue to support the legions of police, firemen, lawyers and courts that live off the hood. Without Black and Hispanic crime upwards of millions of police, firemen, attorneys and court personnel would be out of a job. So to perpetuate the myth that more money is needed to halt the drugs, murders, thefts etc. the liberal brigade seeks to increase the funding for their various supporters year after year. But look where the money comes from; the middle class.

This is the greatest transfer of wealth the world has ever seen.  In simple terms we are paying people to work in jobs that do not contribute one cent to the country’s wealth, an expanded bureaucracy. Deplorable as it may seem, it will only get worse. Baltimore is the quintessential example. To suppress the animosity of those who seek to burn down a city, more funds are called for. And the patronage system continues, money for teachers who effectively are parents baby sitting unwanted children. Their job is made harder by rules which prevent them from disciplining students. Before this is over we will see one city after another, then one state – Illinois and Connecticut –  leap into the brink never to return again.

And the bottom line is more voters for the liberal cabal. Don’t forget these liberal parasites are always first with an answer; “more money will solve all problems.”

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