The first thing investigators focus on after a plane crash is the black box. The secrets stored there are imperative in its investigation and the cause leading up to the disaster. Without it investigators can only speculate. Questions such as, what was the captain doing in the minutes leading up to the investigation? Did the weather play a part? Was the disaster caused by a missile or could someone planted an explosive device inside the plane? All sorts of variables are in play.

When it comes to investigating Hillary Clinton forensic investigators are warranted for to get to the truth we can only rely on hearsay. Information leaks slowly, patterns exist, cover-ups are the coin of the realm. HRC is no stranger to the cloak and dagger; from her commodity caper to the Benghazi affair, she has been at the epicenter. However, as we have seen before, her answers are opaque, they dribble out, semantics define the patter. Don’t forget Slick Willie, “when asked the question of what the definition of is – is

The recent Benghazi revelations are prima facie evidence of Clinton’s long ago march for the top spot. She will do anything, including lying to our country, dismissing allegations as old stories. Hillary Clinton needs to be arrested by the Justice Department.

Beaten by the great Obama, Clinton has amassed a war chest rivaling the FED. However, much of the stash has come from tainted sources. Foreign actors to dictators, the Clintons have reaped the fields clean. But her unraveling is coming quicker than the hemp that ties bales of hay. IMPLOSION is the word now being used to describe her campaign. A liar extraordinaire, HRC ‘s campaign is coming under attack, soon she will suffer the same fate of the Benghazi four, killed in action.

The new emails counter Hillary’s original explanation that an Islam video was responsible for the Benghazi firefight. In actuality the attack was well planned in advance by The Brigades of the Captive Omar Abdul Rahman. So as Clinton’s campaign unravels we look forward to more calls for Elizabeth Warren to enter the race. The black box is finally releasing evidence, albeit slow, but it is dribbling out.

“What difference does it make!” She can’t hide from the truth. Parsing words and blaming others is de rigueur for her.  But when a U.S. Ambassador gets killed because Clinton failed to provide the protection called for, the scope begins to change. This cannot be brushed off. September 11, 2011 Benghazi was a fire pit ready to explode, she knew it and failed to activate the defensive capability required; this  lead to Stevens death and three brave security personnel.

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