Confirmed, the TSA offers valid proof that typical government agencies employee workers who are asleep at their job; not qualified to hold their positions.  Sixty Seven out of seventy attempts to pass through TSA security stations with weapons and bombs were not detected.nyontherunway

Many of the TSA employees just barely qualify to hold their positions. Where did these people come from, who hired them, what was their previous experience and who trained them? God only knows. Now that they have been outed, their boss has been reassigned; not fired mind you, reassigned. Can you imagine if a backpack suicide bomber was able to slip through and carried out his/her mission.icebadge

Before announcing the reassigning of Carraway, an 11-year TSA veteran, Johnson issued a statement outlining a series of actions he had ordered in response to the findings, including more training for all transportation security officers, re-evaluation of airport screening equipment and continued covert testing.

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