The mogul previously own and ran casinos; he knows that the odds always favor the house. In this case the House is the Republican stalwarts who are being beaten at their own game. Many a gambler knows when it is time to hold ‘m, fold ‘m or walk away from the table, but for the GOP a whale in their midst brings considerable risk.

Continuing to set limits on his play will only work to his advantage. Right now the house is not in a position to shut off his credit. He comps his own game. Main stream Republicans are bolting to the Trump campaign to the consternation of the RNC. Money flow has suddenly evaporated to the lesser known wanna bees.  This was not the scenario contemplated six months ago.

However, when a whale (high roller in casino parlance) shows up a good casino manager knows that there is always a slim chance of the odds turning against the house. And so far the Trumps run has been a very devastating for the GOP who have lost some of their invincible allure. With Donald in play the rules have changed, decorum is out, exposing the Repubacrats for what they are is a game changer.

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