Pollsters are nothing more than blabber mouths, akin to rumor mongers looking for suckers who will give them a hint on what way the political winds will blow. Their prognostications in most cases are nothing more than wild guesses. Take the latest vote in Greece; up to the vote the tally was expected to be a 50-50 affair to be decided by a razor’s edge. We can also cite the Eric Cantor whupping in 2014 by a virtual unknown as another example. The results of these two races were nothing like the fortune tellers bleep. That brings us to the 2016 presidential race.

Currently, the statistics cited are not too favorable for any Republican because they can’t win without more Black and Hispanic vote; their white vote in the last election was 59% and that too will be hard to increase. Check out the numbers here. However, a well run campaign can attain 75% of the White vote and increase the margin to double of that of the Black vote while picking up another 10% of the Hispanic vote. How can the Republicans break out of the proverbial statistical jail they are in? The path is fairly simple, but so far no Republicans are aware of the gains that can be had by soliciting unions, Blacks and Latinos to their cause.

Republicans can follow the Democrat strategy to win. Old line Republicans will have nowhere else to turn in 2016, but to pick off independents and Reagan Democrats is easier than one might think. Republicans must bring their message to the union masses, convincing them that to vote Republican is not to vote anti union but pro work, pro growth, less taxes, more freedom, more stability, safer pensions, enforcement of labor violations such as when companies higher illegal workers.

Point out today’s Republicans are similar to yesterday’s Democrats. That today’s Democrat’s are similar to yesterday’s socialists and Communists combined. For instance, the seizure of property without due cause, the fight against individual freedom to bear arms. Republicans are not anti-Black nor are they anti-Hispanic, they are against criminals who violate the laws of the land.

Dukakis had Willie Horton and now the Democrats have  the illegal alien Francisco Sanchez the killer of Kate Steinle, Plaster his face next to all Democratic candidates with the phrase under his name, Killer; this could happen to your child, your streets, your neighborhood is not safe, don’t count on the Democrats to protect you. Continuing on with the message can include themes such as “education is local” the Republicans will not interfere. Or the next Attorney General will bring those people to justice who violated the law, no matter what their political persuasion. For instance bankers and their ilk; send fear into the Jon Corzines of the world, they are not too big to fail or go to jail.

There are literally dozens of issues that will convince Independents and borderline Democrats to move to the Republican side of the aisle. Tell it like it is, afterall the Democrat party has become a rubber stamp for radical socialist, the EPA is their lackey. This is manifested in the damage they did to the union labor who work deep in the mines of VA, PA and OH. Republicans can easily cut these union men from the Democrat herd. And what starts in the West can travel East with lightning speed, press hard on the environmentalists who went all in on the snail darter/delta smelt killing jobs for Mexican farmers and landscapers. The wedge is there, use it. All they need to do is get the message across.

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