The Democrat hierarchy is beginning to sweat bullets, Bernie bullets. What seemed to be a shoe-in, a coronation in kind, a reward for past transgressions an odds on favorite no less, a lead pipe cinch to slide into glory has now turned into something like a mad scramble. We like this; for it will require debate.

The powers to be do not want a debate, they expected an easy campaign rolling into victory night. Well, well, well. Think of the way the Republicans tore each other apart like carnivorous dogs in 2012; wasn’t it a pleasure seeing their blood flowing; “can you help me with that?”

A bloody spectator sport is politics and it ain’t gonna get easy for Ms. Foggy Bottom. In case you haven’t noticed Bernie Sanders is on a roll, crowds are starting to swell, these aren’t the old fart types who idol HRC, but a new generation of enthusiasts, a coalition brought together to say no to politics as usual, they are that is sick and tired of being pushed to accept the smoked fill room candidate. A challenge to the old guard may be in the cards.

Imagine a debate where Hillary slips and slides in the mud, her tarnished reputation will certainly be the focal point and why not? The lady can’t be trusted; she will say anything, do anything, kill anyone if it results in her “moving forward.” Although Hillary has raised $45,000,000 million last quarter. This was expected.

Going back in time to 1968 LBJ (Lyndon Baines Johnson) was thought to be a shoe-in but his reelection was contested by Eugene McCarthy in the early primaries. Obviously the time was very controversial due to the Viet Nam war. Johnson decided to pull the plug announcing he would not run. The ground swell surge that McCarthy, the anti Viet Nam war candidate, was a factor in Johnson’s withdrawing from the race. Could it be that we are seeing a similar pattern here?\

The public is fed up with the Hillary obfuscation regarding Benghazi, the Clinton foundation payola scheme, her appearance fees fees, the E-mail boondoggle to name a few. Also, the nuclear deal which Obama is about to sign has Hillary written all over it. Don’t be surprised if history repeats itself in a Hillary withdrawal.

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