The Obama administration and P5+1 insist the new 159-page nuclear deal facilitates inspections and true verification capabilities, but critics are alarmed by its concessions, including one that gives Iran a 24-day advanced warning of inspections.

Well America, we don’t have to read it to know what’s in it. Obama sellout of America. A nuclear holocaust awaits the Middle East. We are taking bets on who the first target will be. Hint, starts with an I.

The Diplomats failed in their diplomacy. Their logic is ‘that without a deal’ Iran would be developing a nuclear weapon anyway.. True, but their economy would be squeezed even more perhaps leading to a revolution disposing of the Ayatollah and the Revolutionary guards.If it can happen in Egypt, it can happen in Iran.  With this bad deal a nuclear weapon will be developed out of the starting gate; wait and see.

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