A tsunami fueled by ISIS has taken hold across Europe; millions of Muslims who chose to run when it came to fight have fled their native countries for the greener pastures (free welfare from the socialist minions of the EU) of Europe. How they were able to do this goes back to the European Union’s open border policy set by Brussels. Slovakia and Hungry have seen enough. The influx is fueling anti Muslim demonstrations across Europe.

Hungry is stringing fences along its border with Slovakia who has put on notice that only 200 immigrants will be allowed in, but with a caveat, “only Christians need apply.” Slovakia also noted that there are no mosques in the country. Muslim intimidation in your face is their religion of conquest.  “Convert or die.” Since the end of WWI when the Ottoman Empire was dissolved have we seen such a cross border movement.

The problems across the pond are having multiple ramifications in the States. Not only are Muslims invading the country, with DHS turning a blind eye; ICE has released thousands of criminals  in their possession. As Trump noted, many are killers, rapists etc. He has gained momentum by voicing concerns that many have held only to themselves because of political correctness; they did not want to fan the flames of racism. However, by not speaking out they have insulted Americans to no end – these politicians are a detriment to the American Wild West culture.

Politically correct politicians rarely tout their underlying beliefs but nuance a more conciliatory policy regarding illegals – Rubio known for flip flops among others. Trump has ceased the moment, now we hope America will too.

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