The latest New Hampshire poll has put Bernie Sanders in the lead by 7%. The Hillary road to the White House has been trumped by the 70 year old Vermont Senator. From the start HRC’s campaign has been paved with pot holes, but now it is mired in a deep rut having been demolished by the Sander’s frost heave. But nothing is more destructive to Hillary’s campaign than the lies lies that keep rolling out of her big mouth.

What gets our goat, after 6 years as Secretary of State, the lady doesn’t know what is top secret and what is not. Hillary has constantly said that no top secret emails existed on the server; not true.

We constantly demanded that server in so far as advocating the the Sargent of Arms go to Chappaqua CHAPPAQUA and literally haul it out of Clinton’s house; according to today’s report she is ready to turn over the server – no doubt that it has been immersed in Clorox for at least a week. But the real reason she is turning it over is due to the implosion of her run for the White House.

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