Anyone else caught in the devious web of lies that continue to be spewed by Hillary Clinton would be in jail. lies It is inconceivable that this lady, a deceitful one at that, is actually running for president. She is not fit to be the Washington D.C. dog catcher. As reported from the Daily Mail, more emails have been found and they will be released tonight.

She has ducked, weaved, snarled, slipped all allegations, so far. However, now she is caught in her own treacherous web, one with so many threads that it is impossible to tell which one is real. She has violated federal law by sharing national security information with others. Classified Top Secret information has leached from her server.

Now is the time for the FBI to up its game; it is their obligation to bring Ms. Clinton to justice. If they can’t do it then Congress should call in the CIA.  Central Intelligence Agency America cannot wait any longer; the truth must come out. The State Department is holding back stonewalling the investigation, most likely on Obama’s orders. Any other department employee did what Clinton has done would be an inmate at Club Fed.

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