America has lost its luster, no longer the envy of the world, but pillaged by the parasite class; enabled by the politically socialist policies of both parties. Not only do we have a liar in the White House, but most of the 435 Representatives and the same goes for the 100 Senators all of which would fail a polygraph test.

America is in upheaval, an underlying pain in its gut, the Motherland is suffering, the Heartland is suffering, Americans are suffering beyond belief; for they see Old Glory being starved to death. We are in a death spiral which if not turned around in the next few years America as we know it will be no more.

The political wannabees running for office have found out that getting out of the gate is not as easy at it sounds. Bernie Sanders has thus far pulled the rug form under Hillary’s campaign, the same goes with Donald Trump. What does this tell you? The people are sick and tired of the conventional lying politician from both parties it is enough that we have one in the White House.

Greece is done, caput; Three years from now they will be set free to drown in their own swamp. America is not far behind, owing eighteen trillion is not an easy amount to put your hands around. But soon the rest of the world will find the going getting tougher when the time come to roll the debt over. This might be tomorrow or five years from now, but it is coming sooner than anyone will imagine.

The the illegal immigrants invading our country with impunity is another sign of the failure of government, they do not protect us, enforcing the anathema to our government. This is no laughing matter, failure to enforce one law increases the chances of anarchy. Once the bill comes in for Obama’s lack of enforcing the law, illegal migration will continue to flood the country. The bill, yet to be determined, will most likely surpass a trillion dollars.

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