Hillary Clinton, is not going to heaven. The Pope, in his visit to the United States confirmed that only the doors to hell were waiting for Ms. Clinton. The motivation for the Pope to weigh in on the subject was Hillary’s wish to confess and ask for absolution. The Pope told Hillary, sorry, but there are not enough Hail Mary’s on earth that you can say. Repenting for your sins is out of the question. The latest of which involved her very close aide, Hume Abedin, to attain the status of a Special Government Employee (SGE). Despite denials of signing off on Abedin request, Clinton was once again caught red handed holding the pen.

Just a day or two before Clinton held another gun, so hot it left her scarred. In this instance Clinton repeated that the request for emails from the State Department were part and parcel of standard procedures. HRG said that this request went out to three other secretaries of state. Of course this was another lie. Hillary was contacted by the State Department months before the others. To top it off, we believe the State Department was involved in a cover up because the question arises why did it take so long in asking the others for their documentation. lies

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