In the movie “Gotti” Neil Dellacroce (Anthony Quinn) was passed over for capo of the Gambino crime family in favor of Paul Castellano (Richard Sarafian) upon the death of Carlo Gambino.  Gotti played by Armand Assante is in a state of disbelief that his mentor Dellacroce was not chosen. Gotti said, “Paul doesn’t know the streets.” In which Dellacroce answered, “maybe that is not what we need.” In the end Gotti whacked Castellano to become the Capo.

Well, well, well, John Boehner got whacked this week by the conservative wing of the Republican party. The reason for the hit, Boehner did not know the streets. Since 2010 the Tea Party has been treated with disdain by mainline Republicans, better known as RINOs. Working with Boehner became a difficult endeavor and in the end the Tea Party ruled.

There is a REVOLUTION going on, America’s Patriots, the (important read) Sons and Daughters of Liberty have been literally urinated on by our leaders. We have had enough, the tables must be turned or else a violent revolution will occur. Look around your neighborhood, your city, your state and see what is happening. Foreigners from a different land, different culture are threatening our way of life. If we are to survive as a nation based on the Constitution, all remnants of liberal doctrine must be eviscerated.

Boehner’s hit was the first of many to come. We call for Mitch McConnell to step down. Besides not getting anything done, he has carried Obama’s water for the past seven years. It is time we wiped the giddy smile off his face. We note that the Republicans hold the House and Senate, but under their leadership have been silent while Obama runS rough shod over our Constitution.gadsdenflag


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