Trump came out of his corner swinging, round house rights, pounding away at his challengers. But Trump needs to tell America why the other candidates are ganging up on him. Why else, he threatens their lively hood. Most of the candidates know absolutely nothing about the private sector, the one that “The Donald” knows full well. Most of the candidates have never created a job, Trump has created thousands of jobs. Donald has to call out the lifer, the parasite, the political leach. He threatens them more that any other. He is the king cobra, they are his prey. Once Trump is elected these RINOs will face the music back home and it ain’t gonna be pretty. Click here for the latest on government corruption. 75% believe government corruption is wide spread.

So far Trump has hit hard, shooting swift upper cuts into the opponent’s chin. They are badly bruised, most will hit the canvas TKO style, The end result will be another Donald victory; count on it.

The candidate perhaps most eager to knock the billionaire businessman down a peg was former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who lost his lead to Trump over the summer. Repeatedly, Bush challenged Trump on his record and past comments.

He told Trump to apologize to his wife for suggesting her being from Mexico makes Bush more sympathetic to Mexicans – Trump refused.


He accused Trump of trying to, unsuccessfully, seek casino gambling in Florida.

Trump denied it, and when Bush criticized Trump for bragging about demanding Hillary Clinton attend his wedding, Trump teased him, saying: “More energy tonight, I like that.”

Trump later blamed Bush’s brother, George W. Bush, for President Obama’s election.

“It was such a disaster those last few months that Abraham Lincoln couldn’t have been elected,” Trump said.

Bush responded that his brother “kept us safe.” Trump answered, “You feel safe right now?”

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