Not mincing words here, the Clinton spokesman when queried by a reporter regarding the “disaster” in the making, when referring to HRC’s campaign said, “we always new this would not be easy.” Talk about putting a bright face on a DISASTER. A year ago Hillary was pitching a no hitter, now she is watching the bull pen where the call went out for the the relievers to start warming up.

You have to hand it to Hillary, no matter how many lies she utters, she continues to believe in herself. That’s funny because most of America, 61% at last count think she is untrustworthy. Speaking about the campaign, how many times has it been restarted? Four, five, six times. The honorable thing for her to do is drop out; as winter approaches it will become obvious that the long list of lies has finally caught up with her.

Believing her is in the same category as believing Obama. “We will put it on C-span.”  The latest poll reflects voters distaste for Hillary. As we near January 2016 expect the campaign to be floundering like a beached whale unable to get off the rocks.

But don’t put it past the press to surreptitiously promote candidates on the Republican side to counter the Trump surge. The media knows that Trump will easily be Clinton which they see is a major threat to the Obama agenda. By promoting less popualr candidates the media is gaming the system.

Trump’s key to winning the Presidency. African Americans have long been receptive to the anti-immigrant concepts behind Trump’s campaign. Simply put, the jobs, housing and other opportunities that immigrants take come largely at the expense of blacks who were born in the United States.

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