Senators who are casting their vote for the Mullahs have shown their hand, they are obviously against the Jews and the State of Israel. They are for Obama and his anti Jewish upbringing. There are no two ways about it. Israel is now between a rock and a hard place which means, sooner or later they will have to act; hopefully when that time comes, a Republican President will be sitting in the White House.

There was a better deal, a “no deal” and more sanctions, inevitably this would bring Iran to the table because an anti-cleric revolution would be brewing. But as we have seen, Obama is Muslim Brotherhood and anti-Sunni. Americans who know the truth understand the anti-semitic ways of this Muslim in sheep’s clothing.

The Jewish Democrat supporters of Obama are in a state of shock,  fuming over what has happened. It was much Jewish money that flowed into Hussein’s campaign, they find out now that they made a bargain with the devil. How this will play out in the 2016 election is worth noting. We would expect a wave of the Jewish vote crossing over to the Republican side.

One thing that is not forgotten, the American people as a whole, over 58% according to last count, are against the deal and only 31% are for it. Another salient point, this is not a treaty, but an Obama U.N. caval that sees Israel (Jews) as the trouble of all the world’s ills. Out of seven billion people only .20% call themselves Jews, fourteen million out of seven billion. Christians worldwide are coming to Israel’s defense which is not surprising.

Wasserman-Schultz, another Jew carrying Obama’s water. May she rest in peace.

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