The problem here is not what you say your religion is but how you portray yourself. For example President Obama says he is Christian, but the facts on the ground say otherwise.

Ben Carson, a presidential contender, believes that there should not be a Muslim president. Our country was founded by Christians with a Judeo-Christian ethic. However, the founders new that the Government should stay out of religious enterprise. Did they ever envision a Muslim ascending to the throne? No way in hell.

Since ascending to the throne Obama has kissed up to the Muslim world. Not all Muslim countries were given America’s stamp of approval. What bothers us is that long term allies such as Saudi Arabia have been stepped on, brow beaten and left to stand on their own two feet. Egypt and General al-Sisi rescued the Egyptian people from a corrupt Muslim Brotherhood tyrant, not to the liking of Obama who kissed up to the Brotherhood. Egypt was black listed because of the perceived coup d’ etat.

The Middle East is on fire, Muslims predominantly from Syria and Iraq are party crashing European countries with the United States their next target. Don’t worry Obama and Kerry have laid out the welcome mat. No Christian need apply.

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