Barry addresses (youtube) the Cambridge Public library for the first time.  Play attention to the 16 minute mark through 18 minutes where his Grand Mother calls him Barry. However, special attention to minutes 44  and 54 are needed; this is where the future President addressed racism/poverty and the biased judges appointed by Reagan/Bush. It is here that he not only implies but clearly says that money is needed to solve the racial/poverty problems in the United States and liberal judges are more sympathetic to minorities.

Occidental spokesman Tranquada: Contemporary public documents, such as the 1979-80 freshman ‘Lookbook’ published at the beginning of President Obama’s first year at Occidental, list him as Barack Obama. All of the Occidental alumni I have spoken to from that era (1979-81) who knew him, knew him as Barry Obama.

In 1967, his mother married Indonesian student Lolo Soetoro who was also attending the University of Hawaii, and the family moved to Jakarta, Indonesia, where Obama attended the the State Elementary School Menteng 01. As a child in Indonesia, Obama was called “Barry”, sometimes Barry Soetoro, reflecting his step-father’s surname, and sometimes Barry Obama, using his father’s surname. However, no evidence exists that proved Obama was adopted by his stepfather.

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