His campaign imploding faster than the most dangerous hurricane which was expected to hit the Mexican riviera, Jeb Bush has paid a visit to his mommy and daddy. Apparently, Jeb’s diapers are still wet, needing a change he has turned to the old codger. Turning back the clock it was George Bush who said, “read my lips, no new taxes.” Of course the Democrats tricked him into raising taxes which led to the election of “Slick Willie.” 

As Ronald Reagan‘s vice president during the 1980s, Bush endorsed Reagan’s policy that tax increases were undesirable but sometimes necessary. In 1984, however, there was some controversy when Bush seemed to diverge somewhat from Reagan’s view. Responding toWalter Mondale‘s admission that if he were elected taxes would likely be raised, Bush also implied that tax increases might be necessary in the next four years. Reagan asserted that he had no plans to raise taxes in his second term, and Bush quickly argued that he had been misunderstood. Bush’s statements led some conservatives to begin doubting Bush’s dedication to tax cuts.

As Jeb enters the most important months of his campaign he finds himself slipping in the polls for the most obvious of reasons; he is another Bush. Secondly, the American voter is sick and tired of career politicians who speak with forked tongue.

At a rally in Florida Trump teased Bush, a former Florida governor, for his recent decision to lay off campaign staff and cut salaries by 40 percent, and for his planned retreat with donors in Texas on Sunday.

“Bush has no money, he’s meeting today with mommy and daddy, and they’re working on his campaign,” Trump said at the rally in downtown Jacksonville, Fla.

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