During the Pope’s visit to the United States he took time out to lecture Congress; among them was that the  U.S. is not doing enough, that they should do more; do more of what? end racism, embrace immigrants, abortion and the family.

For the Pope to come to our country and lecture us in our own House show’s his lack of respect for the United States. The Pope should have gone to Nigeria, Libya, Syria, Iraq, Turkey, Iran, Venezuela, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Mexico, Honduras and Brazil. These are the countries that need lecturing, their economies in turmoil, their politicians among the most corrupt in the world, their immigration policies abhorrent.  Yet he comes here, we don’t get it.

Case in point: When Poland was under Communist rule, the Church stood up against tyranny. The people said no more chains, they took to the streets, formed a union (Solidarity) led by Lech Walesa they went on strike. Communist leader Wojciech Jaruzelski started a crack-down on Solidarity, declaring martial law in Poland, suspending the union, and temporarily imprisoning all of its leaders. The Catholic Church supported the Solidarity movement and it was not to long before the government gave in to the Union’s demands. Democracy rules to this day.

Pope Francis delivered a stinging blow to nativist conservatives bent on keeping illegal immigrants and Middle Eastern refugees out of the United States, saying Thursday in a landmark address to Congress that Americans should show compassion to immigrants of all stripes. So instead of lecturing us, the Greatest Nation on the face of the earth, the Pope should preach to the Nations of the World that keep their citizens in bondage.

Our advice to The Pope is to read Atlas Shrugged. ??????????????????????????????? The Pope’s message of share the wealth is contrary to that of many biblical verses “give a man a fish and he is fed for a day, show a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” 

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