Every time you buy taxable good in New York City, you are contributing to the wages of New York State workers. Every person who pays income taxes in the State of New York is contributing to the pay of state workers. Recent evaluations of state worker compensation indicates that the average worker’s pay is approximately 40% higher than an equivalent job in the private sector. However, Governor Cuomo has given an executive order that the minimum hourly pay of state workers be raised to $15 per hour (read hear). This is on the back of the socialist Mayor of New York City, he has demanded McDonalds and friends to cough up $15 per hour for their burger flipping employees. When all is said and done, the total compensation per employee would approach $20 per hour. No experience necessary.

To counter the trend McDonalds is going with automation, others will soon follow. However, the public can do their part buy boycotting the burger joints; this will cause them financial hardship resulting in laying off their over paid $15 per hour employees. This will send the likes of Cuomo and DeBlasio a “fast food” message.

Listen to this cry baby: Flavia Cabral, 53, a grandmother from the Bronx who works part-time in a McDonald’s for $8.75 an hour, pointed out the scars where fry baskets had seared her forearms. “ We say, “stay out of the kitchen if it is too hot.

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Of note is that it is the Service Employees International Union who have pushed for higher wages for their members who, in most cases, don’t have college degrees. If the raise the minimum wage to continues, workers in every sector will demand more because of the higher threshold. Inflation will sprout wings touching our pocket books.http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/wp-content/uploads/mcdonalds-minimum-wage.jpg

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