The United States government has not been only infiltrated by criminal socialists, the DOJ and FBI has done their bidding.  Currently, Lois Lerner, John Koskinen, both part of the IRS arm which targeted Tea Party groups have gone unscathed.

Hillary Clinton, a criminal in her own right has not suffered even the threat of retribution from the Obama criminal cabal. Clinton, upon being sworn in as Secretary of State,  signed documentation in 2009 that she would abide by the strict rules pertaining to top secret government documents. As we all know Clinton thumbed her nose at the government; “like with a cloth.”

As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton signed a nondisclosure agreement in which she acknowledged that classified information is classified regardless of whether it is “marked or unmarked” — a distinction which undermines one of the Democratic presidential candidate’s main defenses of her use of a home-brew email system.

Signers of the document, the existence of which the Washington Free Beacon reported on Friday, also agree that all information that they have access to “is now and will remain the property of, or under the control of the United States government unless and until otherwise determined by an authorized official or final ruling of a court of law.”

The “Classified Information Nondisclosure Agreement,” or SF-312, also makes clear that “classified information is marked or unmarked classified information, including oral communications.”

Remember General Petraeus, they hung him out to dry for one small transgression. Convicted and sentenced to two years probation and fined $100,000. Sharing information with his biographer did not compromise the defense of the United States, but for sure, Clinton’s did.

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