Christmas should be a time of joy, love and happiness. But, this is not the case for our Christian brothers and sisters around the world where persecution is extreme and life itself hangs in the balance.







The Middle East has become a death trap for those who profess faith in Christ. In 1947, 12 percent of Iraqis were Christian. Now, the percentage is 0.8, as ISIS empties cities and villages of millennia-old Christian presence. In Saudi Arabia, the Grand Mufti has declared it necessary to destroy all the churches in the region. In Pakistan, our Christian sister Aasiya Bibi is on death row for blasphemy charges for her Christian faith. Nigerians daily live in terror from Boko Haram, which is in a competition with ISIS to see who can murder more innocents.

Geographically, they are far removed from us, but spiritually, our Christian family should be wrapped in our arms through prayer and activism.

At CUFI, we pledge to never forget them or abandon them. Please join us in 12 days of prayer for our persecuted brethren.

Pray on December 13th for Christians in Pakistan
Pray on December 14th for Christians in Gaza
Pray on December 15th for Christians in Nigeria
Pray on December 16th for Christians in Iraq
Pray on December 17th for Christians in Sudan
Pray on December 18th for Christians in Iran
Pray on December 19th for Christians in Saudi Arabia
Pray on December 20th for Christians in Syria
Pray on December 21st for Christians in Eritrea
Pray on December 22nd for Christians in Maldives
Pray on December 23rd for Christians in Libya
Pray on December 24th for Christians in Yemen

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In Jeremiah 20:11, we read of the Lord’s provision for us, a reminder that the persecutors will stumble and fail.

Please link arms with us during the Christmas season on behalf of our persecuted Christian brothers and sisters.

May God Bless You and Those that You Love,

Pastor John Hagee

David Brog

I Pledge


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