Click here for the latest.  This is no family feud between Hillary and Donald, this is an old fashion Hatfield and McCoy war. By the way, Hillary has brought in her tag team partner, Husband Bill. It is do obvious that she can’t fight her own battles, but needs help from the corner. It’s a dam shame, we were looking forward to seeing some of Hillary’s blood spilled; after all she found no problem spilling the blood of those who defended our country.

The back-and-forth started with the GOP front-runner using off-color language to describe Clinton’s 2008 defeat at the hands of then-Sen. Barack Obama, and eventually escalated to charges of sexism on both sides — and most recently, a battery of insults from Trump during a New Hampshire rally Monday night.

“I’m telling you this very strongly. First of all, she has committed a criminal act…. What she did with the emails was criminal,” Trump told supporters in Nashua, N.H. Summing up the Benghazi scandal, Trump charged that Clinton was “too lazy to answer phone calls.”

The dispute heated up recently after Trump said Clinton got “schlonged” by Obama in 2008. Clinton, in response, told a newspaper Trump has a “penchant for sexism.” Trump and his team then fired back at both Bill and Hillary Clinton, seizing on Clinton campaign plans to bring the former president out on the campaign trail starting next week.

As America knows by now, Hillary is a bold faced liar and a hypocrite too. Married to a philander who has committed adultery, had sex with numerous women, plowed the fields of Arkansas and Washington all the while either in or seeking public office.

Hillary’s answer to Bill’s sexual endeavors, “boys will be boys.” A great roll model for other women. And to think that Hillary has patronized the Muslim community where Sharia law is practiced; denigrating women is what it is all about. Talk about women’s lib here. For some reason we don’t see any outcry from any women’s organizations. Perhaps Trump should call them out on this.

Facing a double-digit loss, the Hillary Clinton campaign is now lowering expectations for the New Hampshire Democrat primary.

Polls show Clinton, who was supposed to coast to the Democrat nomination with only token opposition, will lose the early primary state to Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders by double-digits.

“It’s time to be realistic about the resources we still need to be ready,” Clinton said in an email to supporters, “because right now, winning this nomination is no sure thing.”

“If we lose in Iowa or New Hampshire, we’re going to need to dig in and work that much harder to make sure we win the nomination,” she warns.

That means Clinton will have to campaign longer, and burn millions of additional dollars, simply to officially call herself the Democrat nominee.  Source: AAN – See more at:


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