The posse is headed by none other than the head of the Republican party who can’t stomach a Trump nominee; Reince Priebus has been a disaster these last eight years. As “The Donald” said earlier, “he would support the eventual nominee.” However, as it now stands the “politically correct” losing candidates will not do such a thing. They are committed to hanging Mr. Trump from the nearest tree. A political lynching indeed. Don’t forget these politically correct “nattering nabobs” are the ones who stood idly by while Obama ran roughshod over the nation.

Mostly all the Republican candidates disavowed their association with Donald Trump. These hypocrites, such as Lindsay Graham, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, not add in the usual suspects, are alarmed because Trump has touched a nerve and is stroking the fires. The Republicans fear disaster in November is Trump is the nominee. Trump is not to one to mess with though, he can run as an independent pealing off Republican votes which would insure a Hillary victory. If you thought Obama was bad wait for Hillary, a train wreck in the making.

Add in the libtard media who are going bonkers as Trump’s campaign gains critical mass. This is not what the lame stream media expected. Bottom line, who cares what the media says. What’s remarkable is the way that self-described straight journalists have concluded that Trump is such a menace to society that they must abandon their ordinary practices and call him out.

In the opinionated precincts of the media, Trump is Public Enemy No. 1. We see this in the New York Daily News cover depicting him as chopping off the Statue of Liberty’s head.

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Salient questions to be asked anyone who believes in the “religion of peace” is why do you pray five times a day? And secondly what are you praying for? And thirdly, do you believe in a worldwide Caliphate, Fourthly do you believe the Koran when it says, Christians and Jews are infidels?

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