Hillary is running hard from three pursuers, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and the FBI; all three nibbling on on her tail. Like a robber or rapist who leaves their DNA at the scene then proceeds to flee with blood dripping from a knife wound, Hillary is about to be caught, arrested, indicted and jailed. Her only hope is to become President where she will be immune for the years of presidency, but this is not likely to happen.

Sanders has her number in Iowa and New Hampshire, remember Hillary was the 100% favorite, now she claims that the race would always be competitive. Who believes that. A Vermont Senator, one of socialist convictions, little known outside New England, an Independent at that, has now caught the chronological liar.

The FBI is about to bring a RICO case against her and Slick Willie and then there is Donald Trump. She tries to ignore him by touting that he is living in his own version of reality. Look at the audiences Hillary plays to, notice their lack of enthusiasm, no cheers, only silent murmurs. Trump on the other hand brings the crowd to its feet, SRO crowds, boisterous with vigor, the want to make America great again. The message has stuck.

America has learned from the past pandering politically correct politicians.


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