How many times have you been stopped by a policement, given a ticket for traveling five miles an hour over the limit, perhaps they grabbed you for plowing through a stop sign, a rolling stop at that; did they ticket you for not wearing a seatbelt? And that orange light which turned red at the last instant cost you $200. Yeah, you know what we are talking about, you break the law and the law comes down on you like a lead balloon. But this does not happen to the teflon  MOUTH OF POLITICS, Hillary Clinton, she is too Big to Jail.

What she did was provide assistance to the enemy, her server was tapped like a keg of beer, yet she says she did nothing wrong and won’t apologize. The FBI and State Department are knee deep in the investigation, worming through the evidence, 100’s of investigators seeking the truth, or are they? Americans have had enough of the trash talking lady Clinton, enough crap has come out of her mouth to fill a barnyard. Hundreds of emails were labeled secret, top secret and for your eyes only, Special Access Program or (SAP). They ended up on her closet server, the one she installed to bypass security. Remember Clinton wondered if it could be wiped clean, like with a cloth.

The State Department is culling these emails releasing them at a snails pace. However, they will not release 22 classified Top Secret and seven as SAP, these are more than top secret, only a dozen people are allowed access to them, yet they ended up on Clinton’s ignominious server. Bluntly this is a violation of the oath Clinton signed when taking office, but it is more, Clinton has consistently lied about why it appeared on her server. We no why. Clinton instructed her surrogate, Huma Abedin to cut and paste these from a secure server, how she got her hands on this only God knows, wiping the title classification and any other culpable data from it before it was copied and pasted on the Chappaqua server. CHAPPAQUA

Clinton, the Democratic presidential front-runner, insists she never sent or received emails on her personal server that were marked classified at the time. We will tell you this, if this liar received classified information, even if it was not classified as such, but did not know it or understand how secret it was, she is not qualified to be the President of the United States; she is an incompetent antagonist unworthy and incapable to protect America.

The best place for Lady Clinton, one that will keep her mouth shut for good and protect the security and future of the United States is in solitary confinement.lies

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