The debate last night was a prelude to the March 1 shootout. Let’s call it Hunger Games. Rubio and Chavez are chasing the front runner, they are hungry for a win, even by one vote. Chavez has the best chance in the Lone Star State, but Marco is chomping at his heals. However, Trump may pull out an upset. Overall, Trump, according to the polls is expected to come out the big winner on Tuesday.

What is happening here is very much what is happening in households across America. People are angry, households are angry, the American people are angry. Trump is the stir that mixes the drink. Right now, Americans don’t care what Trump says, they are attuned to his fighting demeanor, Americans are Mad as Hell. They have had enough of political correctness and devisive politicians.

Trump stated that Mexico will pay for the wall; the others say this is impossible. Vicente Fox, the ex-president of Mexico through out the F-bomb on the wall. This is the mindset of Mexico; they invade our country and expect us to take it.

An added twist, Mitt Romney calls for Trump to reveal his tax returns. Why is Mitt doing this? Does he feel wanting. Has he been hired as a pit bull by the RNC?

Click here for the latest Bloomberg poll which indicates the breath of Trump fever in the SEC.

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