Since Trump has vaulted to the front of the pack, which by the way was completely unexpected, Fox News has done everything in its power to stop him. Poll after poll has Donald Trump running well ahead of the pack, but Fox News/Wall Street Journal did not see it that way, or at least according to their day old poll. The poll has Cruz in front which is not confirmed by any of the other polls.

In fact, Trump is increased his lead over the runner up, whoever that might be. Now Fox News has dug deep into their archives to find that Trump supported the Iraq War, but tepidly. Folks the mudslinging is getting dirtier by the day.

However, not pulling punches, “THE DONALD” is in front according to the latest poll, up by 16 to 17 points in the Palmetto State of South Carolina and nationally. Watch out America, a new beginning is in the cards.

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