Don’t ever think that Clinton one the Iowa primary, after campaigning there for eight years the state of Iowa rejected this liar hands down. Of course the liberal media would never print the truth, that their goddess in waiting was rejected and with dispatch.  The resulting pseudo win reflected a coin toss, actually three coin tosses, secondly question arise on why it took so long to count a few votes. We don’t actually know what went on behind the scenes but it seem awfully fishy; another words it smelled real bad. This was a devastating defeat for Ms. Clinton, one that will be played out over the course of the next six months.

Did Democrats desperate to give Hillary a win in Iowa fix the election? We’re not sure, but there’s definitely some funny business afoot. As the Sanders campaign has noted, some precincts are missing and haven’t been accounted for:

Midnight came and went without a declared winner of the Iowa Caucus.

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are in a dead heat in the state that holds first-in-the-nation status during the primary season.

As of early Tuesday morning, Iowa’s Democratic Party reported Clinton having 49.9 of the vote and Sanders receiving 49.6 percent. Despite 1 percent of the precincts still missing, Clinton’s press secretary claimed victory.

Concern about voter fraud was raised late Monday night when C-Span posted video that showed a Polk County caucus chair and Clinton precinct captain did not conduct an actual count of the caucusgoers. Results were also slow to come in with about 5 percent of the precincts (roughly 90 precincts) going unreported at the time that Clinton and Sanders addressed their supporters late Monday night.

– See more at: http://americanactionnews.com/articles/did-hillary-steal-the-iowa-caucus#sthash.BGxV2F3L.dpuf

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