“I want them released” Who are you kidding. Like a killer telling the homicide squad to take my gun and match it with the bullet pulled from the dead man.  Hillary Clinton is, pure and simple, a manipulator and the most egregious liar to boot. There is nothing that comes out of her mouth that one can believe.

How can those Democrats in Iowa even remotely think that she would be a good president; when in fact she has never accomplished anything. As Secretary of State, yes on her watch, the Middle East has gone down in flames. She and Obama painted every “red line” pink then white. Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, Crimea, and Iran, total failures. Hillary is a total failure.

Please Iowans when you go to vote, understand what and who you are voting for. Hillary Clinton does not care about you, she only cares about herself.  Imagine Hillary Clinton, a pale face liar, signing a peace treaty at Council Bluffs; would anyone ever believe that she would have lived up to it?