The Justice Department, yes the department run by Loretta Lynch, another patsy of the Democrats, won’t tell you what the cost of the investigation into the Clintons’ illegal server cost, but the back of the envelope calculation yields $100,000,000. Yes folks, this is not a rounding error.

Don’t forget the Obamacare Affordable Care Act website cost Five Big ones ($5,000,000,000). We, along with another 300,000,000 Americans will be surprised if the Lying Clinton is indicted. The reasoning behind this is not conjecture, but facts. Republicans are indicted, Democrats are applauded. To tell you the truth we can’t think and our memory spans years, when a Democrat has been indicted.As we recall, 50% of the murders in Chicago do not result in an arrest. That alone makes us think that a free pass will be given to Ms.Lying Clintstonewall.

Thank the eight gullible Republicans who voted for Loretta Lynch. At election time we know what to do to them. If you need a hint, the Attorney General’s last name might provide a clue. The defeat of a too coy Virginia Congressman by the name of Eric Cantor was the last dude who shocked to death, actually met his fate on election day; those eight who voted for Lynch can expect a similar end to their political careers. Do you hear that Kelly Ayotte. 

The word from Al Jazeera, yes they are still in business, is that Hillary Clinton will be interviewed by the FBI in the very near future, so will another liar, Cheryl Mills. As we said before, our advice to the FBI, hook the Lying Clintstonewall up to a polygraph machine. An electric malfunction is in order whence the needle goes bezerk. Shocking as it may be, but a what a sight it would be watching a presidential candidate go yellow pants.

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