UPDATE: (CLICKIS WASSERMAN SCHULTZ  ON THE WAY OUT? The BERN is not a happy camper. He is adamant at the treatment received from DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. So he has in-turn thrown his support for Tim Canova. What brought such family acrimony to the surface – a family feud in broad daylight is not suppose to happen with Democrats; only Republicans air their laundry out for all to see. Well, according to Sanders, Wasserman-Schultz is playing favorites, which means he is getting the short end of the proverbial stick.

Your remember what happened to the smug Eric Cantor, the voters in Virginia sent him packing. That is what Sanders is attempting to do to Florida’s own. As one of the most powerful Democrats in Washington, Florida Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz was expected to have an easy 2016 re-election race – then along came Bernie Sanders.

In a matter of days, the firebrand presidential candidate has elevated the Democratic National Committee chairwoman’s Florida race from just another local primary to a nationalized battle — and an offshoot of Sanders’ fight against the Democratic Party itself.

Sanders, who long accused Wasserman Schultz of working against his campaign, escalated that feud over the weekend by endorsing her primary challenger, Tim Canova, and then helping him fundraise.

Analysts still see Canova as a longshot bid to topple Wasserman Schultz and deny her a seventh House term. But Sanders’ intervention has given the challenger a much bigger profile, and already is helping him raise hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Now it is Wasserman Schultz’s turn to feel the BERN; such a nice thing to watch.

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And that is not all, Bernie is on the war path indicating that the Democratic convention in Philadelphia could be a raucous affair. The surprises never end. Bern Baby Bern.

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