Get me some ulcer pills calls Hillary to her campaign chief, “my stomach” ain’t feeling good; for the matter I have a splitting headache. Gee we wonder why, does the Bern get under her skin like no man ever before? She tolerated Slick Willy, President Obama ate her lunch, but she sucked it in. Now though, with the nomination in grasp, Ms. Clintstonewall, licking her lips, no one else will, is wondering why she can’t put away the BERN. It is a terrible thing when an old codger taunts you to no end. She is trying to be above the fray, but her patience is wearing thin. A loss in California would in an instant question her viability in November.

They call her Landslide Hillary for the win in Kentucky; a putrid 1900 vote win out of 425,000 cast. Obama pitched a shutout in 2012, Hillary had to go extra innings for her pseudo win splitting the delegates with The Bern. And at the same time Hillary was taken to the proverbial cleaners in Oregon. Shows how much the electorate loves her. Don’t forget that if it weren’t for Blacks and Hispanics, Hillary would be riding in the back of the bus.

She is a toothless liar who knows she is a loser, the people know that too. Women have been manipulated by lame stream media falsehoods continue to support her, not realizing she has enabled her husband to leave in his path a number of women with devastating reputations having been blasted by Hillary who blames the women! Now that is chutzpah for you.

Sanders, after racing Clinton right up to the finish line in the Bluegrass State, easily won the Oregon primary, and declared at a raucous rally in California that despite pressure from the Clinton campaign to abandon his quest for the nomination, he would stay in the race “until the last ballot is cast.” His speech did little to soothe escalating tensions between the Democratic campaigns.  The bad blood is starting to boil. Bring it on baby, bring it on. 

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